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Customer Care

Finally, there is a dedicated online Australian website that offers a safe solution to shop or browse for a massive selection of car, boat, truck and bike Dash Cams and GPS Tracking Systems. We stock a large range of only the best dash cams and GPS trackers. All absolutely perfect for any or all your rides!

At Australian Dash Cams Co we aim to make your shopping experience with us is easy, simple to navigate and extremely safe among many other misleading websites. .

All of us here at Australian Dash Cams Co understand that an online business is all about allowing you, the valued customer, the easier option to shop for all your needs. We like to provide you with an alternative option from trying to find time to make it to the shops within the hectic life we all lead.

At, Australian Dash Cams Co our retail experience over 20 years ensures that you will experience the best, easiest and most speedy service that we could possibly offer. If you need advice on any of our products, our dedicated customer service team will recommend and offer you reliable information on products from suppliers that we have direct, long running relationships with.

Fulfilling Orders

In order to fulfil orders, Australian Dash Cams reserves the right to open/alter original packaging and/or contents. By proceeding with your order, you acknowledge that the original packaging and/or contents may be opened or altered. Australian Dash Cams ensure that any contents altered to fulfil an order are of the same or higher quality and, in some cases, may be a 'non-same branded' product. i.e. SD cards may differ from brand of dash cam, etc. 

Receiving an open/altered package does not change warranty status. 

By placing an order with Australian Dash Cams, you acknowledge and accept that packaging/contents may differ from the images shown on our website and, in such case, can not be returned as 'not as described', 'not what is advertised' or 'not genuine' etc. 

Privacy & Safety

Personal Information: Your personal information is only collected in order to process orders, provide accurate pricing, information and guidance when requested and conduct onsite installations in available areas. General browsing and price checking does not require the use of personal information and you will never be prompted to supply any personal information unless you purchase a product, book an onsite installation, request online help or subscribe to our site. 

Use and Sharing of Personal Information: Your personal information will only be utlisied by the staff of Australian Dash Cams Co in order to process orders, provide specific help or send requested promotional emails or sms's. In the event of an order being placed - as with any other company - your details will be shared to the shipping company used in order to order to complete your transaction. When using site options such as PayPal etc, please refer to their individual Privacy Polices.  

Security of Personal Information: Your personal information is stored on a secure database and we have implemented security measures to ensure that it is reasonably protected from misuse, misconduct, unathourised access, modification, disclosure and loss. Most Personal Information will be stored by us for a minimum of 7 years as required however we will take all steps then destroy or de-identify stored information.

Accessing your Personal Information: You have the right to access your personal information, subject to exceptions allowed by law. If you require access, please let us know, please note that you may be required to put your request in writing for security reasons. 

For any specific queries relating to our Privacy & Safety policy please contact us direct via phone or email. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Wholesale inquiries are welcome and are processed directly with Australian Dash Cams Co friendly sales staff members. They can be contacted directly on 1300 034 500 to discuss all your requirements and to help select a package that will suit all your needs.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payment / Cash

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