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IROAD FX1 1CH Full HD 1080P Digital Recorder Dashcam (Run out special)

IROAD FX1 1CH Full HD 1080P Digital Recorder Dashcam (Run out special)

$399.00 Regular Price
$289.97Sale Price
GST Included

IROAD Dash Cam FX1 
1CH FHD | Built-in GPS | ADAS 2.0 Time Lapse | Hyper Lapse-4X Efficiency Recording | Wi-Fi | Night Vision 140º Wide Viewing Angle | Battery Discharge Prevention | Format Free 2.2 Mobile APP (Android/iOS) | Windows/Mac Viewer

  • Product Information

    Long Drive Recording With Hyper Lapse
    No more worries about missing out while driving long-distance By compressing the recorded video, Hyper Lapse minimizes the memory space and saves 4 times more footage. However, when an event or impact occurs, recording frame rate switches automatically to 30 fps to provide clearer images of important moments.


    Long Parking Recording With Time Lapse
    Experience continuous Parking Mode recording for a long time with IROAD Time Lapse. Time Lapse is a low-capacity recording method that minimizes the storage space by compressing and saving at 1fps while in Parking Mode. On the other hand, when an impact or motion is detected during Parking Mode, it switches automatically to 30 fps to provide clearer images of important moments.

    Parking Mode


    Time Lapse





    30 Fps

    1 Fps

    Recording Time

    About 4H

    About 48H

    ADAS 2.0 (VER.202)  - Advanced Driver Assistance System
    The IROAD FX1 is equipped with the Road Safety Warning System that provides audio and visual alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDW). It detects road markings and gives voice warnings to the drivers if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane or when it is at risk of an imminent crash.

    Lane Departure Warning System


    LDWS operates in a way that the front camera recognizes the road lane in real time and, if the driver falls asleep while driving or drives poorly, causing the car to depart the lane, it will notify about it through the preset warning sound.

    LDWS Warning Sound


    Front Vehicle Departure Warning


    When the car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, FVDW informs the driver when the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing delayed departure. 

    FVDW Warning Sound


    Forward Collision Warning System


    The FCWS function calculates the average distance from the vehicle in front and alerts the driver in advance when reaching the range of safe breaking distance in order to prevent a collision. 

    FCWS Warning Sound


    Comprehensive Driving Data Through


    Built-In GPS
    The GPS data in the IROAD FX1 can precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location and routes on the map, while also displaying the driving speed. This helps to more accurately assess the situation and the circumstances in case of an accident.

    1080P FHD 1CH High Definition Video Quality
    CMOS Image Sensors allow constant FHD 1080p Front recording during both daytime and nighttime along with a 140-degree wide angle lens view. This will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.

  • Product Specification


    • Resolution / Frame Rate: 1080p Full HD @ 30fps * Hyper-Lapse (Driving Mode) @ 1fps / Time-Lapse (Parking Mode) @ 1fps * Frame rate may vary during Wi-Fi streaming.
    • Imaging Sensor:  CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2MP) 1/2.8 inch
    • Viewing Angle:  Front: Diagonal 140°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°
    • GPS: Built-In GPS
    • Wi-Fi: External (2.4GHz)
    • Impact Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
    • ADAS 2.0: LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) FVDW (Front Vehicle Departure Warning) FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
    • Recording Modes: Driving Recording (Continuous) Impact Recording, Parking Mode (Impact Recording + Motion Detection / Time-lapse) Manual Recording, Audio Recording
    • Capacity: MicroSD Card Up to 256GB
    • Format Free 2.2: Yes (Adaptive)
    • LED Indicators: Front: Rec LED, GPS LED, Wi-Fi LED, Security LED
    • Operation Temperature: -20℃ – 70℃ (-4°F – 158°F)
    • Storage Temperature: -20℃ – 80℃ (-4°F – 176°F)
    • High Temp Cut Off: Approx. 70℃ (158°F)
    • Input Power: DC 12V~24V / DC 5V
    • Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS, IC
    • Product Dimensions: Front: (W) 108.2mm x (H) 57mm x ()D 32.9mm (Weight 100g)
    • Software: IROAD X-View (PC) - Windows 7 or Higher & Mac (OS X 10.7 64Bit) or Higher
    • Application: IROAD X-View (Mobile) - Android 6.0, IOS 10.0 or Higher : Firmware Update Supported

Australian Dash Cams

Four reasons why dash cams are important 

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Evidence of a Car Accident 

If you are unfortunately involved in a car accident, the dash cam will have captured everything. In case of a car accident, general public and police often jump to the conclusion that the driver is at fault. With a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you can defend yourself and prove that it was not your fault and if there is a court trial, you can send the video tape as evidence.


When it comes to traffic and vehicles, insurance fraud is one of the most common problems nowadays.

Some drivers deliberately cause an accident and then blame the other driver to extort money. 

You can prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you by carefully installing the dash cam in your car and recording all the events.

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Parking Accidents

Parking can be a nightmare, particularly for novice drivers who have a tendency to accidentally scratch other vehicles while they are trying to park theirs.

Some latest dash cams offer ‘parking mode’ feature which turns the car camera into a surveillance camera whenever your car is parked up.

If a driver damages your car and then drives away, you will have the proof in form of video evidence of him/her doing this.

Unexpected Events

With a dash cam, you will be able to capture things that you least expect too.

you may catch a rockslide that damages your vehicle, a kangaroo jumping out in the road damaging your vehicle, or a tree from your neighbour’s house that falls on your vehicle during a storm.

With those events captured and stored in your dash cam, you may save yourself from a surcharge by showing your insurance company what brought about your claim.

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