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FineVu GX33 2ch

FineVu GX33 2ch

$399.00 Regular Price
$379.00Sale Price
GST Included

Market Leading 3 Year Dash Cam Warranty*


  • Dual 1080P FULL HD Wi-Fi Dash Cam
  • SONY STAVIS Front Sensor
  • Dual Core Allwinner V526 Performance Processor
  • 132° Wide Front Angle of View
  • Supercapacitor Heat Reliability
  • Pre-buffered Parking Mode Recording
  • Motion & Ai Impact Detection Parking Mode
  • One-Touch Event File Locking Button
  • External GPS Antenna included
  • Supports up to 128GB Micro SD card
  • Included Cig Lighter & Hardwire Cable
  • Included 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Description

    The GX33-2CH Dash Cam serves as the screenless counterpart to the highly popular FineVU GX5000-2CH LCD touchscreen model.

    While maintaining the intelligence and core features of the GX5000-2CH Dash Cam, the GX33-2CH has been ingeniously housed in a new screenless body. Given its lack of screen, the GX33-2CH relies on Wi-Fi connectivity to smartphones. Utilizing the FineVu App, users can effortlessly set up and interact with the camera.

    We regard the GX33-2CH Dash Cam as an exceptional all-around performer, instilling road confidence in its users. Offering day-to-day reliability and essential recording features during both driving and parking, the FineVu GX33-2CH is a noteworthy choice.

    The outstanding performance attributes of the GX33-2CH Dash Cam encompass:

    Dual 1080P FULL HD Resolution with SONY STARVIS Sensor – The front camera incorporates the world-renowned Sony Starvis sensor, acclaimed for its excellence in various lighting conditions. This sensor elevates the Dash Cam's capabilities.

    Robust Allwinner V526 Dual Core Processor – Powering the GX33-2CH, the V526 dual core processor ensures superior performance and seamless operation. The dual core processor's enhanced computing power enables the harmonious integration of all functions. The GX33 smoothly transitions between driving and parking modes (when hardwired), embodying the concept of a true set-and-forget Dash Cam.

    3-Year Camera Warranty – Offering the lengthiest Dash Cam warranty, FineVu's commitment underscores the impeccable build quality and confidence they have in their products.

    HDR (High Dynamic Range) – The GX33-2CH automatically optimizes video quality in varying bright and dark environments without requiring manual adjustments.

    Wide 132° Front Angle – Providing comprehensive coverage while minimizing distortion, the GX33-2CH offers a wide 132° front angle view.

    Screenless Body with Wi-Fi Connectivity – Facilitating connection to compatible smartphones (iOS and Android*), the GX33-2CH features Wi-Fi connectivity. The user-friendly FineVu App empowers settings adjustment and video streaming/downloading when in proximity to the camera.

    Installation Angle Guidance – During initial setup, the FineVu app offers guidance on achieving the optimum angle for the front camera.

    Clear Voice Notifications – Given its compact, screenless design, the Fine GX33-2CH employs straightforward voice notifications. These notifications provide insights into the camera's operational status and any noteworthy events.

    Super-capacitors for Enhanced Durability – Prioritizing heat resistance and longevity, the GX33-2CH employs super-capacitors instead of less durable lithium-ion batteries.

    Pre-buffered Parking Mode Recording – Capturing 20-second parking mode clips triggered by motion and/or impact, the GX33-2CH records 10 seconds prior to and after the trigger. Motion detection and impact sensitivity settings can be tailored to individual preferences during parking mode. (*Parking mode requires installation of the included FineVu hardwire cable into the fusebox.)

    AI Damage Detection 2.0 – A novel parking mode feature, the GX33-2CH identifies the impacted area of the parked vehicle. Upon engine restart, the Dash Cam alerts users to detected impacts, displaying the likely impacted region via the app.

    Convenient ON/OFF Switch – Enhancing user convenience, the GX33-2CH features an ON/OFF switch. This seemingly minor addition allows effortless camera shutdown while parked, eliminating the need to disconnect the cable.

    ADAS Alerts – The GX33-2CH offers lane departure warnings and front vehicle movement alerts, which can be disabled if undesired.

    Micro SD Card Partitioning – Users can allocate a percentage of the Micro SD card's space for driving files, parking mode files, and impact/event files. With four profiles to choose from, adjusting space allocation for driving or parking needs is straightforward.

    Dedicated Folder System – The GX33 intuitively organizes driving, parking, and event video files into distinct folders on the Micro SD card, simplifying file retrieval.

    Ample 128GB Micro SD Capacity – Accommodating up to 16 hours of video files per camera before looping, the GX33-2CH boasts a generous 128GB Micro SD card capacity.

    One-Touch SOS Button – In emergencies, the One-Touch SOS button expeditiously generates a 20-second emergency file. This file is stored separately in a designated emergency folder for easy retrieval.

    Complimentary FineVu Windows PC Viewer – FineVu offers a free PC viewer for Windows and MAC users. This software allows seamless video file viewing via the SD card, while concurrently displaying the vehicle's location on a Google map overlay.

    Inclusive Accessories – FineVU includes both a hardwire cable (for parking mode) and a cigarette lighter cable in the package. Additionally, FineVU provides an external GPS antenna that embeds vehicle speed into footage. A durable 32GB Micro SD card is also included, enabling immediate recording out of the box.


  • Specifications

    Model name


    Memory capacity

    Recording mode


    Image sensor

    Viewing angle




    Acceleration sensor


    Acceleration sensor

    Input power

    Power consumption Operation/

    Storage temperature



    Certification No.


    FineVu GX33

    Front: 111.5 x 44.5 X 24.7mm /79g

    Rear: 53 x 33.6 x 35.3mm /41 g

    Micro SD card 32GB / 64GB / 128GB

    Driving recording

    Driving event(impact) recording

    Manual recording

    Parking (impact & motion detection) recording

    Driving time lapse recording

    Parking time lapse recording

    Front/Rear: Full HD wide-angle lens Front: 2.1M pixels, 1/2.8" SONY Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor Rear: 2M pixels, 1/3" CMOS Image Sensor

    Front: more than 131.8° of the opposite angle / 107 ° of the horizontal

    angle / 55 °of the vertical angle

    Rear: more than 134° of the opposite angle / 105 ° of the horizontal

    angle / 60 ° of the vertical angle

    Front/Rear: 1920×1080p@30fps



    3-axis acceleration sensor


    3-axis acceleration sensor

    DC 12V - 24V

    4. 1W

    Operation temperature -20°C-70°C /

    Storage temperature -30°C-80°C

    Power port (3.5 ), rear camera connection port (2.5 g, USB A type

    Wi-Fi port Smart Time Lapse, FineVu Wi-Fi, Speed Camera Alert, HDR, ADAS, Installation Angle Guide, Format Free, Auto Night Vision, Driving Rest Guide, Time Alarm, Battery Discharge Prevention, Support

    1ch recording, High Temperature Protection

    KC (R-R-FDK-FineR038)

    Model name : FineVu GX33

    Date of manufacture: Marked separately

    Name(Model) : Dashcam(GX33)

    Manufacturer: Finedigital Inc.

    Company name: Finedigital Inc.

    Manufacturing country: Rep. of Korea

    Weight including the mount

    Class 10 or above, UHS-1 recommended, SDXC compatible

    1 min. interval recording

    20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

    20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

    20 sec. recording(10 seconds before and after detection)

    30fps recording after impact detected

    30fps recording after impact detected



    +2g / -2g

    +2g/ -2g

    Based on 2ch, GPS ON Vehicle speed, ADAS and Speed Camera Alert operate under GPS

    reception. Passed KS C 9990 (EMC test for vehicles, and internal combustion


Australian Dash Cams

Four reasons why dash cams are important 

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Evidence of a Car Accident 

If you are unfortunately involved in a car accident, the dash cam will have captured everything. In case of a car accident, general public and police often jump to the conclusion that the driver is at fault. With a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you can defend yourself and prove that it was not your fault and if there is a court trial, you can send the video tape as evidence.


When it comes to traffic and vehicles, insurance fraud is one of the most common problems nowadays.

Some drivers deliberately cause an accident and then blame the other driver to extort money. 

You can prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you by carefully installing the dash cam in your car and recording all the events.

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Parking Accidents

Parking can be a nightmare, particularly for novice drivers who have a tendency to accidentally scratch other vehicles while they are trying to park theirs.

Some latest dash cams offer ‘parking mode’ feature which turns the car camera into a surveillance camera whenever your car is parked up.

If a driver damages your car and then drives away, you will have the proof in form of video evidence of him/her doing this.

Unexpected Events

With a dash cam, you will be able to capture things that you least expect too.

you may catch a rockslide that damages your vehicle, a kangaroo jumping out in the road damaging your vehicle, or a tree from your neighbour’s house that falls on your vehicle during a storm.

With those events captured and stored in your dash cam, you may save yourself from a surcharge by showing your insurance company what brought about your claim.

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