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The BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case is profiled to perfectly fit your BlackVue dash cam. It is composed of a base and cover piece securely held together by metallic screws. The Tamper-Proof Case also limits the rotation of the dash cam in the mount, which is why two versions were designed to accommodate different windshield angles. 


Regular Windshield Version 
The BTC-1A fits the angle of inclination of windshields found in regular vehicles such as sedan, SUV, coupe, sports cars.

It fits windshields at an angle of 20 to 60° with the horizontal.


Vertical Windshield Version
The BTC-1B is designed to accommodate vertical to near-vertical windshields, such as heavy trucks or buses.

It fits windshields at an angle of 60 to 90° with the horizontal


Why use a tamper-proof case? 

The BlackVue Tamper Proof Case is essential if you are needing to protect the recorded video data captured by the dash cam. If you are running a commercial fleet of cameras, and the drivers are not permitted to remove footage from the camera, it is important to consider this product to prevent unauthorised SD card access

Blackvue Tamper Proof Cases

Case Options
  • - Quality Construction
    - Improve Security

    - Genuine BlackVue Product

    - Fits all DR750/DR900 Series BlackVue cameras

    - Suited for Cars or Trucks 
    - Backed by the Australian Importer

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