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$1,398.00 Regular Price
$1,249.00Sale Price
GST Included

DR770X-BX-3CH-TRUCK + an additional External Rear Camera for customers with larger vehicles that require front and 2x wing mirror cameras.

*3CH ONLY - Additional rear camera replaces in-cab camera

  • General Specifications

    • Specifications

      Model Name DR770X Box Truck



      Full HD  + Full HD + Full HD (Front + Rear + Interior), Cloud, Wi-Fi, Triple Sony Sensors, External GPS and LTE Module

      Product Dimensions

      Main unit : Black / Length 130.0 mm x Width 101.0 mm x Height 33.0 mm / 209 g
      Front : Black / Length 62.5 mm x Width 34.3 mm x Height 34.0 mm / 43 g
      Rear Truck : Black / Length 70.4 mm x Width 56.6 mm x Height 36.1 mm / 157 g
      Interior IR : Black / Length 63.5 mm x Width 32.0 mm x Height 32.0 mm / 34 g
      Wireless Button : Black / Length 45.2 mm x Width 42.0 mm x Height 14.5 mm / 23 g

      Rear Camera Connection

      Coaxial cable

      Memory Support

      microSD card up to 256GB

      Recording Modes

      Normal recording, Event recording (when impact is detected in normal and parking mode), Manual recording and Parking recording (when motion is detected)
      * When using Hardwiring Power Cable, ACC+ will trigger parking mode. When using other methods, G-sensor will trigger parking mode.

      Parking Mode

      YES (hardwiring cable included)

      Parking Mode Event Voice Notifications


      Imaging Sensor

      Front: Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)

      Rear: Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)

      Interior: Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)


      Viewing Angle

      Front : Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°
      Rear Truck : Diagonal 116°, Horizontal 97°, Vertical 51°
      Interior IR : Diagonal 180°, Horizontal 150°, Vertical 93°

      Resolution Frame Rate

      <Front – Rear Truck – Interior IR>
      Full HD (1920×1080) @ 60 fps – Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps – Full HD (1920×1080) @ 30 fps
      *Frame rate may vary during Wi-Fi streaming.

      Video Codec

      H.264 (AVC)

      Image Quality and Bitrate Front/Rear

      Front / Rear / Interior

      Highest(Extreme): 16 + 10 + 10 Mbps

      Highest: 12 + 10 + 10 Mbps

      High 10 + 8 + 8 Mbps

      Normal: 8 + 6 + 6 Mbps

      Format Free

      YES (Adaptive)

      Event File Overwrite Protection

      YES (up to 51)

      SD Card Failure Alert


      Scheduled Reboot


      Video File Extension



      Built-in (802.11 b.g.n)

      Cloud Compatible



      External (Dual Band : GPS, GLONASS)





      Impact Sensor

      3-Axis Acceleration Sensor

      LED Indicators

      Main unit : Recording LED, GPS LED, BT/Wi-Fi/LTE LED
      Front : Front & Rear Security LED
      Rear Truck : none
      Interior IR : Front&Rear Security LED
      EB-1 : Operating/Battery low voltage LED

      Rear Camera IR Illumination

      Rear Truck : 940nm (6 Infrared (IR) LEDS)
      Interior IR : 940nm (2 Infrared (IR) LEDS)


      EB-1 button :

      Press the button – manual recording.

      Operation Temperature

      -20°C – 70°C (-4°F – 158°F )

      Storage Temperature

      -20°C – 80°C (-4°F – 176°F )

      High Temp Cut Off

      Approx. 80 °C (176 °F )

      Backup Battery

      Built-in supercapacitor

      Input Power

      DC 12V-24V (3 pole DC Plug(Ø3.5 x Ø1.1) to Wires (Black: GND / Yellow: B+ / Red: ACC)

      Power Consumption Hour

      Normal Mode (GPS On / 3CH) : Avg. 730mA / 12V
      Parking Mode (GPS Off / 3CH) : Avg. 610mA / 12V
      * Approx. 40mA increase in current when Interior Camera IR LEDs are ON.
      * Approx. 60mA increase in current when Rear Truck Camera IR LEDs are ON.
      * Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.


      Front (with Main unit & EB-1) : FCC, IC, CE, UKCA, RCM, Telec, WEEE, RoHS
      Rear Truck & Interior IR : KC, FCC, IC, CE, UKCA, RCM, WEEE, RoHS


      BlackVue Viewer
      * Windows 7 or higher, Mac Sierra OS X (10.12) or higher
      BlackVue Web Viewer
      * Chrome 71 or higher, Safari 13.0 or higher


      BlackVue Application
      * Android 8.0 or higher, iOS 13.0 or higher


      Adaptive Format Free File Management System
      Advanced Driver Assistance System
      LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
      FVSA (Forward Vehicle Start Alarm)

      Bluetooth Built-in (V2.1+EDR/4.2)
      LTE External (optional)

Australian Dash Cams

Four reasons why dash cams are important 

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Evidence of a Car Accident 

If you are unfortunately involved in a car accident, the dash cam will have captured everything. In case of a car accident, general public and police often jump to the conclusion that the driver is at fault. With a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you can defend yourself and prove that it was not your fault and if there is a court trial, you can send the video tape as evidence.


When it comes to traffic and vehicles, insurance fraud is one of the most common problems nowadays.

Some drivers deliberately cause an accident and then blame the other driver to extort money. 

You can prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you by carefully installing the dash cam in your car and recording all the events.

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Parking Accidents

Parking can be a nightmare, particularly for novice drivers who have a tendency to accidentally scratch other vehicles while they are trying to park theirs.

Some latest dash cams offer ‘parking mode’ feature which turns the car camera into a surveillance camera whenever your car is parked up.

If a driver damages your car and then drives away, you will have the proof in form of video evidence of him/her doing this.

Unexpected Events

With a dash cam, you will be able to capture things that you least expect too.

you may catch a rockslide that damages your vehicle, a kangaroo jumping out in the road damaging your vehicle, or a tree from your neighbour’s house that falls on your vehicle during a storm.

With those events captured and stored in your dash cam, you may save yourself from a surcharge by showing your insurance company what brought about your claim.

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