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BlackVue DR750X-3CH Truck Plus

BlackVue DR750X-3CH Truck Plus

$899.00 Regular Price
$869.00Sale Price
GST Included

BlackVue DR750X-3CH TRUCK Plus features front, rear and interior protection for your vehicle, with a waterproof external rear camera. Also included are GPS logger, built-in Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity and built-in voltage monitoring for Parking Mode.

  • Product Information

    The DR750X-3CH TRUCK Plus is ideal to secure most large commercial trucks. The waterproof infrared rear camera connects to the front unit via a 15m video cable. This allows to monitor not only the road behind, but also cargo loading and unloading operations.
    The micro USB interior camera is also equipped with infrared LEDs to capture video of the cabin’s interior.
    Thanks to the included USB Hub, you can also connect the optional Connectivity Module to keep the dashcam connected to the Cloud at all times.


    Native Parking Mode
    DR750X Plus Series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The dashcam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off. Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App.

    Parking Mode accessories support
    DR750X Plus Series is also compatible with all BlackVue Parking Mode Kits and Batteries.



    With its metal waterproof casing the rear camera of the DR750X-3CH TRUCK Plus is built to withstand most weather conditions.

    It is designed to be installed at the rear of truck or heavy vehicles.

    We recommend to secure it in place on a flat surface using the provided screws.

    The luminosity sensor detects ambient brightness, activating automatically the six IR lights to help identify vehicles and objects even in the dark.



    The 15m (49ft) high-quality waterproof coaxial cable connects the front and rear cameras.

    The waterproof rear camera and the coaxial cable are screwed together to provide tight and water-resistant connection.

    Its length makes it ideal for trucks and trailers and guarantees a pristine image even over long distance.


    GPS, Wi-Fi and Optional LTE

    GPS: visualize the location of your vehicle on the map during video playback and overlay speed on videos (can be hidden in settings).

    Wi-Fi: lets you connect to your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also lets your BlackVue connect to BlackVue Cloud via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router).

    LTE: for the best Cloud experience, the included USB Hub lets you connect the optional LTE connectivity module* along with the driver-facing USB camera.

    (*) SIM card not included.


    Your videos are safe

    Event Files Overwrite Protection: dashcams record in a loop, overwriting older files when the memory is full. BlackVue can prevent Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) overwriting. Up to fifty-one (51) files can be protected this way (17 minutes Front/Rear/Interior). You can choose to allow new Event files to overwrite past Event files, thus keeping the latest fifty-one.

    Adaptive Format-Free File Management: this BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less microSD card formatting.

    SD Card Failure Alert: your BlackVue detects as soon as the microSD card fails and warns you with a “Please check SD card” voice alert.


    Built-in Impact & Motion Detection

    Automatically tags video files
    While driving, the built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, your BlackVue also detects visual movements around your vehicles.


    BlackVue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows/Mac/Web)

    Easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse your videos on your mobile or computer.

    With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue to access files and check real-time Live View for easy setup of your dashcam.
    With the SD Card Viewer, connect your dashcam’s microSD card to your computer to view and backup footage in bulk, as well as export clips, remove sound, etc.

    The Web Viewer lets you manage your Cloud-connected dashcams from any web browser at


    BlackVue Cloud - Me and My Car. Connected.

    Connect to your BlackVue anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Cloud.

    Receive Push Notifications on your phone whenever the dashcam detects an impact on your parked vehicle, and see for yourself with Remove Live View. Even better, let BlackVue upload critical footage—such as break-in or hit and run—in real time to the Cloud with Live Event Upload.
    Play and download videos from your dashcam or the Cloud from anywhere and back up important videos to the free Cloud storage.
    Enjoy Two-way Voice Communication with the driver from the app through the BlackVue’s integrated speaker and mic. Check the BlackVue Cloud page for more information.


    High Frame Rate for Extra Fluidity

    The front camera records extra fluid videos at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps. That means your BlackVue can better capture details–like license plates–even in fast-moving objects.

    Note 1: the higher the image quality setting, the higher the bitrate and the bigger the file size. A bigger size will increase the time necessary to transfer a video file over Wi-Fi.
    Note 2: Remote Live View using BlackVue Cloud is not affected by the image quality and framerate settings.


    LTE Connectivity Module (Optional) - Sold Seperately

    The CM100LTE provides easy 4G LTE connectivity to enable BlackVue Cloud features. All you need is a valid Nano SIM card. Your 3CH BlackVue includes a USB Hub accessory so you can connect both the CM100LTE and the driver-facing camera.


    Tamper-Proof Case (Optional) - Sold Seperately

    The BTC-1C is a special-purpose mount designed to prevent tampering.
    It replaces your dashcam’s original mount. The side cover, fastened by two hex screws, blocks the access to the microSD card and the cable connectors.

    DR750X Plus Series supports two Parking Mode options:

    Motion + Impacts

    Motion & Impact Detection Parking Mode detects both:

    • Motions recorded by the image sensor (marked “P” in the file list).
    • Impacts detected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (marked “E” in the file list).

    Choose detection regions to reduce the risk of triggering unwanted motion recordings due to trees swaying in the wind, far-away moving objects, etc.

    Time Lapse + Impacts

    Continuously records at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30FPS. 
    1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video = 30 minutes real time coverage.
    Cover a period of 50 hours on a 32GB microSD card front, rear and interior at the highest (Extreme) quality setting.
    When an impact is detected, the dashcam creates a buffered Event video.

  • Product Features

    Model Name DR750X-3CH TRUCK Plus



    Full HD  + Full HD + HD (Front + Rear + Interior), Cloud, Wi-Fi, GPS, Dual Sony Sensors, External LTE Module

    Product Dimensions

    Front: Black / W 118.5 mm (4.67″) x H 36 mm (1.42″) / 105 g (3.70 oz)

    Rear: Black / W 70 mm x H 44.4 mm / 175 g (6.17 oz)

    Interior: Black / W 67.4 mm x H 25 mm / 22 g (0.78 oz)

    Rear Camera Connection

    Coaxial cable

    Memory Support

    microSD card up to 256GB

    Recording Modes

    – Normal,
    – Event (Impact Detection / Speed Limit / Manual),
    – Parking Mode (Impact+Region-based Motion Detection, Timelapse+Events)

    Parking Mode

    YES (with  3-wire hardwiring cable – included)

    Parking Mode Event Voice Notifications


    Imaging Sensor

    Front: Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)

    Rear: Sony STARVIS™ CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1 M Pixel)

    Interior: Sony CMOS Sensor (Approx.1.27 M Pixel)


    Viewing Angle

    Front : Diagonal 139°, Horizontal 116°, Vertical 61°

    Rear : Diagonal 116°, Horizontal 97°, Vertical 51°

    Interior : Diagonal 119°, Horizontal 98°, Vertical 55°

    Resolution Frame Rate

    Front / Rear / Interior

    Full HD (1920×1080) @ 60 fps – Full HD @ 30 fps (1920×1080) – HD (1280×720) @ 30 fps

    *Frame rate may vary during Wi-Fi streaming.

    Video Codec

    H.264 (AVC)

    Image Quality and Bitrate Front/Rear

    Front / Rear / Interior

    Highest (Extreme): 16 + 10 + 8 Mbps

    Highest: 12 + 10 + 8 Mbps

    High: 10 + 8 + 6 Mbps

    Normal: 8 + 6 + 4 Mbps

    Format Free

    YES (Adaptive)

    Event File Overwrite Protection

    YES (up to 51)

    SD Card Failure Alert


    Scheduled Reboot


    Video File Extension



    Built-in (802.11 b.g.n)

    Cloud Compatible



    Built-in (Dual Band : GPS, GLONASS)





    Impact Sensor

    3-Axis Acceleration Sensor

    LED Indicators

    Front: Recording LED, GPS LED, B/W/L LED, Front Security LED

    Rear: Rear Security LED

    Interior: Interior Security LED

    Rear Camera IR Illumination

    Interior USB and External Rear: 940 nm (4 Infrared (IR) LEDs)


    Button: Wi-Fi ON/OFF (Press)
    Proximity sensor: Mic ON/OFF / Trigger Manual Recording / OFF (configurable)

    Operation Temperature

    -20°C ~ 75°C / -4°F ~ 167°F

    Storage Temperature

    -20°C ~ 80°C / -4°F ~ 176°F

    High Temp Cut Off

    80°C (176°F)

    Backup Battery

    Built-in supercapacitor

    Input Power

    DC 12V-24V (DC Plug (Ø3.5 x Ø1.1)) to Wires (Black: GND / Yellow: B+ / Red: ACC)

    Power Consumption Hour

    Normal Mode (Wi-Fi On / GPS On / 3CH) : 520mA / 12V

    Normal Mode (Wi-Fi Off / GPS On / 3CH) : 490mA / 12V

    Parking Mode (Wi-Fi On / GPS Off / 3CH) : 475mA / 12V

    Parking Mode (Wi-Fi Off / GPS Off / 3CH) : 445mA / 12V

    * Approx. 50mA increase in current when IR LEDs are ON.

    * Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.


    Front: FCC, CE, Telec, IC, UKCA, RoHS, WEEE, RCM


    Interior: FCC, IC, CE, UKCA, RoHS, WEEE



    BlackVue Viewer
    * Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X Sierra (10.12) or higher

    Application BlackVue Application (Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher)

    Adaptive Format-Free File Management System

    Bluetooth Built-in (V2.1+EDR/4.2)
    LTE External (optional)

Australian Dash Cams

Four reasons why dash cams are important 

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Evidence of a Car Accident 

If you are unfortunately involved in a car accident, the dash cam will have captured everything. In case of a car accident, general public and police often jump to the conclusion that the driver is at fault. With a dash cam installed in your vehicle, you can defend yourself and prove that it was not your fault and if there is a court trial, you can send the video tape as evidence.


When it comes to traffic and vehicles, insurance fraud is one of the most common problems nowadays.

Some drivers deliberately cause an accident and then blame the other driver to extort money. 

You can prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you by carefully installing the dash cam in your car and recording all the events.

Olive Green & Peach Abstract Wall Art Instagram Post.jpg
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Parking Accidents

Parking can be a nightmare, particularly for novice drivers who have a tendency to accidentally scratch other vehicles while they are trying to park theirs.

Some latest dash cams offer ‘parking mode’ feature which turns the car camera into a surveillance camera whenever your car is parked up.

If a driver damages your car and then drives away, you will have the proof in form of video evidence of him/her doing this.

Unexpected Events

With a dash cam, you will be able to capture things that you least expect too.

you may catch a rockslide that damages your vehicle, a kangaroo jumping out in the road damaging your vehicle, or a tree from your neighbour’s house that falls on your vehicle during a storm.

With those events captured and stored in your dash cam, you may save yourself from a surcharge by showing your insurance company what brought about your claim.

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